Sarawak Energy Senior Leadership Appointments

KUCHING, 7 September 2016:  Following the announcement of a new Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 1st November 2016, Sarawak Energy Berhad (Sarawak Energy), the State’s flagship energy and utility group has announced the following senior leadership appointments.

Mr Lu Yew Hung has been appointed as the Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sarawak Energy.

As COO of Sarawak Energy, Lu will provide oversight and strategic counsel over Sarawak Energy's operations, and will report to the Group CEO.

He will represent vital continuity for Sarawak Energy’s new incoming CEO, having more than 35 years of operation and leadership experience from Syarikat SESCO Berhad (SESCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sarawak Energy group.

Since joining the company in 1980, he has worked in various technical and management roles before his last position as CEO of SESCO. Under his leadership, the company has recorded significant improvement in terms of system reliability and service delivery.

Mr Lau Kim Swee, formerly senior vice president of Distribution, is appointed as CEO of SESCO. He will also report to the Group CEO.

Lau has served with Sarawak Energy for almost thirty years in various roles. Prior to his last appointment as senior vice president for Distribution, he held the retail portfolio during which significant success was recorded in the company’s efforts to combat power theft. Lau also brought visible change to the company's customer service approach and spearheaded Sarawak Energy’s 24-7 Customer Care Centre in 2013 and other customer-oriented initiatives.  

In his new role as CEO of SESCO, his responsibility will be to ensure that the generation, transmission and distribution of energy within Sarawak is smooth and seamless while continuing to build on Retail customer service.
Mr. James Ung, formerly senior vice president, Thermal, is appointed the Executive Vice President (EVP) of SEB Power Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary that will own and operate Sarawak Energy’s coal, gas and hydropower generation assets. James will also report to the Group CEO.

Ung has served with Sarawak Energy for almost thirty years. Prior to his last appointment as senior vice president for Thermal, he held the position of general manager of Sejingkat Power Plant, a coal fired facility. Ung led the Mukah Coal Power Plant project to its successful commissioning in December 2008.

In his new role as EVP of SEB Power Sdn Bhd, he will oversee Sarawak Energy’s power generation business.
The announcement was made by Datuk Torstein Dale Sjotveit, the company's Group CEO.

"Sarawak Energy continues to evolve and transform to meet the challenges of the external environment in our journey to become a modern, agile corporation. We will continue to develop our leadership team through challenging assignments, to maintain our forward momentum and prepare the organisation and leadership for further growth," said Torstein.

Lu Yew Hung, Group Chief Operating Officer, Sarawak Energy

Mr Lau Kim Swee, Chief Executive Officer, SESCO

Mr James Ung, Executive Vice President, SEB Power Sdn Bhd