Sarawak Energy Receives The Brandlaureate Award In Kuala Lumpur

Sarawak Energy Receives The Brandlaureate Award In Kuala Lumpur - Awarded most sustainable brand in power generation and renewable energy category

KUALA LUMPUR, MONDAY, 6TH JUNE 2016: Sarawak Energy was honoured for its commitment in pursuing brand excellence when it won the Most Sustainable Brand Award 2015-2016 at The BrandLaureate Awards here on Thursday night.

This award recognises the state-owned power utility’s leadership in power generation and renewable energy, having been tasked to develop Sarawak’s abundant indigenous resources particularly hydropower to generate energy that is globally competitively priced, sustainable and clean.

This supports the state’s development agenda, the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) that aims to fast-track Sarawak’s economic development by attracting foreign and Malaysian investment and subsequently provides business opportunities and creates jobs for the locals.

Recipients of The BrandLaureate Most Sustainable Brand Award are market leaders with an international footprint. The award is an acknowledgement of Sarawak Energy’s presence in the region and its positive brand culture.

Accepting the award on behalf of Sarawak Energy was Aisah Eden, Executive Vice President for Corporate Services.

Commenting on the achievement, Aisah said, “This award could not have come at a better time. Sarawak Energy had embarked on a massive transformation journey since 2010 to become a modern and agile corporation and this includes strengthening and positioning our brand as one of the key renewable energy developers in the region especially in hydropower given our network of rivers.

“We would like to thank The Asia Pacific Branding Foundation for this, recognising our efforts in sustainability and as a sustainable organization, we will continue to embed good standards and practices in our business and operational practices as guided by established international sustainability best practices,” she said.

Aisah said Sarawak Energy goes beyond the State’s statutory requirements by adopting the International Hydropower Association’s Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, on a voluntary basis and the protocol encompasses the technical, environmental, social, economic and financial and integrative aspects of sustainability. Sarawak Energy has published its first Sustainability Report for 2014.

The premier brands and branding global award celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. It was organized by the world’s sole branding foundation, The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation and the prestigious event was previously attended by world leading brand icons as well as prominent personalities.

Sarawak Energy Executive Vice President Aisah Eden receiving the “Most Sustainable Brand” award from Chairman of the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation Tan Sri Rainer Althoff and President of the BrandLaureate Dr KK Johan (left) at the The BrandLaureate Awards.

Sarawak Energy Executive Vice President Aisah Eden (centre) posing with the award and the BrandLaureate Business World Review cover at the The BrandLaureate Awards. Also present were Haji Sulaiman Abdul Hamid, Vice President Group Governance for Procurement and Contracts, Jiwari Abdullah, head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Peing Tajang, head of Corporate Communications.