Resettled Communities In Murum Enjoy RM40.00 Electricity Subsidy

KUCHING, 29th January 2016, FRIDAY:   Under the Murum HEP Resettlement Action Plan, Sarawak Energy works with the State Government and the relevant agencies to implement mid to long-term programmes that prepares the directly affected communities for modern day living including sustainable livelihood initiatives, temporary income support, agricultural training and educational motivation.

As part of this effort, it was decided that domestic consumers from the Murum Resettlement Community would continue to enjoy a subsidy of up to RM40 in recognition of their unique circumstances as their consumption is mostly less than RM40 per month.

The communities affected by the Murum HEP were resettled into the Metalun and Tegulang areas at the end of 2013. After resettlement, the communities were able to enjoy electricity which was previously not available to them.

Sarawak Energy’s Retail arm, Syarikat SESCO Berhad commenced meter readings in January 2014 and bill issuance in April 2015 to monitor household consumption by the communities for billing purposes. Meter readings allow the householders to understand their individual consumption patterns with a view to managing their energy costs and usage, and to instil awareness of energy efficiency.

As part of Sarawak Energy's regular community awareness session, the community was engaged in January 2016  on customer service, billing reading and energy consumption management to promote prudent usage of electricity so that there is no necessity for the householders to pay in excess of the RM40 subsidy.

Most of the approximately 360 metered households in Murum qualify for this subsidy as their monthly consumption falls below RM40. However, a few have exceeded the allocation which requires them to pay for the balance. We are addressing this on a case by case basis.