Petra Jaya Outage Caused By Vandalism

Sarawak Energy seeks public cooperation to report suspicious activities near electrical equipment

KUCHING, MONDAY, 7TH NOVEMBER 2016:  An act of vandalism at SMK Tun Openg substation caused a power interruption affecting 1600 households in Petra Jaya last Friday evening.  Areas affected were Jalan Astana and Tupong.

In the incident at the SMK Tun Hj. Openg substation, at the old school location, intruders broke into the site and  switched off the supply connecting to other substations in the area.   The low tension cable of the substation connecting to the nearby pole was also cut and the copper cable stolen. 

The SESCO technical team managed to restore supply to the affected areas in under three hours while restoration to the customers affected by the damaged substation took a longer time due to repair works.

“Despite our constant reminders and the security measures put in place to deter thieves and curb cable theft and vandalism, this dangerous activity still persists, ”said SESCO’s  Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lau Kim Swee.

“Last year alone, Sarawak Energy spent a total of RM1.3 million to replace items as a result of cable theft and vandalism.  We have stepped up mitigation measures including reinforcing security at our substations and installation of CCTVs at certain facilities.  We are also patrolling regularly at theft-prone areas to better secure our facilities,” added Mr Lau.

Cable theft is a serious crime that can cause death or serious injury, in addition to inconveniencing the public due to power outage. SESCO has been working closely with the police to curb this societal menace and every theft case is reported and investigated.

“We would like to appeal for cooperation from the public to stop cable and metal theft. Do report suspicious activities or individuals lurking near electrical equipment or facilities by contacting Sarawak Energy Customer Care Centre at 1-300-88-3111.”  Said Lau.  

Vandalised cable at substation pillar

Stolen cable from low tension pole

Cut underground cable from substation pillar to low tension pole