No Disruption To Miri Power Station

Gas pipe repair expected to be completed by Sunday 

KUCHING, SATURDAY, 5th NOVEMBER 2016: The gas pipeline supplying the Miri Power Station is undergoing repair works with supply expected to be restored by Sunday, following yesterday's gas leak incident.

The power station is able to switch over to diesel while the gas supply is affected to ensure no disruption of electricity to areas supplied from the power station. 

SEB General Manager for Gas, Mr. Su Mou Leh said, “Repair works on the gas pipes are ongoing and are expected to be completed by tomorrow afternoon if weather permits. 

"The works are being done in accordance with stringent established safety procedures, by competent and trained contractors after isolation and depressurisation of the affected pipe. 

“We would like to thank the Fire and Rescue Department for their swift response and control over the incident, and the Miri public for their cooperation.

The length of the pipeline under SESCO is inspected annually to ensure there are no leaks. The utility is investigating the cause of yesterday’s incident. 

“Public safety is our priority and at the same time, we are doing all we can to minimise the risk of power interruption in Miri,” said Mr Su. 

As an additional safety measure, the area is being cordoned off and manned overnight.