WILDLIFE INTRUSION AT DESHON SUBSTATION CAUSES SIBU POWER TRIP Sarawak Energy Rescues Injured Monkey and Restores Power in less than two hours

KUCHING, 15 April 2015, WEDNESDAY: An unexpected visitor to Deshon Substation cut off power supply to several parts of Sibu from about 8 am yesterday.

A monkey found its way into the substation and got caught on the 33kV Main Busbar. This caused damage to some of the equipment at the substation. The incident affected power supply for almost two hours to Sibu Town, Sungai Merah, Rantau Panjang, Ensurai, Pahlawan, Kampung Dato and Bandong and surrounding areas.

After rescuing the injured animal, Sarawak Energy’s technical team immediately isolated the damaged equipment and restored power to the affected areas in less than two hours. Concerned Sarawak energy staff also brought the monkey for veterinary treatment.

Sarawak Energy regrets the inconvenience caused to its customers in Sibu due to this incident.