SESCO Meter Inspection Teams Trained In Self-Defense

KUCHING, 30th Dec 2015 – A total of 60 SESCO meter inspection technicians are now trained in Aikido and Taekwon-do and can defend themselves, in facing challenges in their line of work especially in their efforts to combat power theft. SESCO is targeting to equip all its meter inspection teams throughout the state with self-defense skills.  

The self-defense training will help the technicians to protect themselves in difficult situations such as when customers are caught stealing electricity and turn violent, and to build up their confidence and stamina for their own mental and physical well-being.

A SESCO spokesperson said, “This is meant to enable our meter inspection teams to defend themselves if intimidated or attacked while carrying out their work on the ground. Acquiring martial art skills is not for the purpose of causing injury to others but for their own protection in the event they find themselves in a dangerous situation with no other option.”

According to the spokesperson, meter inspection teams who have undergone the training have shown noticeable improvement in their confidence level.

SESCO’s ongoing efforts to curb power theft have recorded significant success. The utility’s annual loss from power theft has seen a reduction from RM140 million in 2010 to RM34 million as of November 2015. However, the revenue loss is still substantial. SESCO is continuing in its efforts to stamp out power theft by working closely with relevant agencies, and embarking on new initiatives such as the self-defense training.

“Aikido is a non-violent martial art from Japan meant for protection wise using minimum amount of force and energy and it is also used by many enforcement agencies throughout the world including the Police and security companies. Taekwon-do on the other hand is a Korean form of martial art consisting of unarmed combat for self-defense focusing on training both the mind and the body with great emphasis placed on the development of the trainee's character. This will help develop strong discipline among our technicians,” said the spokesperson.

The Aikido training was done by Ko Bu Kan Dojo and led by Shihan Haji Muhd Haneef Ali who is of 6th Dan level. He is also the Head of Technical Committee for Aikikai Malaysia. The Taekwon-do trainings were led by Chief Instructor, Abang Ahmad Zaini B. Abang Fauzan (5th Degree level), who is also the President of Sarawak Global Taekwon-do Association (SGTA).

Chief Instructor Abang Ahmad Zaini giving some pointers to the participants during one of the trainings

Taekwondo practical sessions in progress

Aikido class session

Aikido sparring practice in progress

One of the training exercises in Aikido class