Sarawak Energy To Test Gas Turbine Set For Miri

Test to Run from 1st to 16th August

KUCHING, 31st July 2015, FRIDAY: Sarawak Energy will be installing and testing the operation of its one unit gas turbine for the duration of two weeks starting today (1st August) till 16th August, 2015. The installation of the gas turbine is part of the power company’s upgrading works to improve reliability of the distribution system for Miri in order to meet growing demand as well as cater for future growth of the city. This is part of the on-going upgrading and system reinforcement works.

The testing is crucial before the turbine, which will provide an additional generating capacity of 30MW for Miri, is ready for commercial operation.

While it is anticipated that testing will run smoothly, the technical team of Sarawak Energy will be on standby over the period to immediately rectify issues such as potential intermittent power interruptions during the testing period. Should this happen, Sarawak Energy seeks the patience and cooperation from its customers in Miri as the company continues to improve and strengthen supply.