Sarawak Energy Continues Support To Sarawak Crocs As Main Sponsor

KUCHING 28 January, 2015 WEDNESDAY:  Sarawak Energy continues to power the Sarawak Crocs as main sponsor for 2015.

To mark the extension, a simple handing-over ceremony was held at Menara Sarawak Energy attended by Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Torstein Dale Sjotveit and Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) President, Datu Sudarsono Osman, witnessed by senior management of Sarawak Energy and FAS.

In his speech, Datuk Torstein acknowledged that the game of football had a very special place in the hearts of Sarawakians and was able to unite people from across rural and urban Sarawak despite their diverse backgrounds.

“The football stadium is where Sarawakians become most passionate and for Sarawak Energy, the sponsorship offers an opportunity to connect with our customers and the communities who are football lovers throughout Sarawak.

“I have seen that even in the most remote areas, Sarawakians including young children wear the Sarawak Football team jersey proudly,” he said. The team jersey features Sarawak Energy prominently as main sponsor.

“I am confident the team will reach new heights in 2015 as they continued to be powered by Sarawak Energy. We wish Sarawak Crocs the best of luck in the upcoming football season and in the on-going quest to keep the Sarawak flag flying high.  Sarawak Energy will be loudly cheering on the Crocs from wherever we are,” he added.

Speaking for FAS, Datu Sudarsono said, the sponsorship provided by Sarawak Energy has assisted FAS tremendously as the association has three teams participating at national level this year.

“We have the senior team in the Liga Super, the Under 21 in the Piala Presiden and the Under 19 in the Piala Belia. The sponsorship is much needed in the development of these three teams,” he added.

Sarawak Energy’s participation as main sponsor began in September 2013 when FAS first approached the company for sponsorship. In line with Sarawak Energy’s branding initiatives and support, the company came onboard as main sponsor in December that same year.

The first year sponsorship then came into effect on January 2014.

Since then, Sarawak Energy has engaged in several joint initiatives with the most prominent being a radio contest for fans to come up with the best creative song title to a tribute song for the Sarawak Crocs. The contest was jointly organised by ERA fm and Sarawak Energy.

The tribute song epitomising Sarawakian passion for football was created by renowned radio deejay and music producer DJ Fuzz. The song was premiered and played over ERA fm Sarawak starting in March 2014.

Although the team did not win any silverware, the tremendous effort put in by players and management ensured their continued participation in Liga Super for 2015.  The team’s fighting spirit has successfully revived enthusiasm for Sarawak football.

Go Sarawak Crocs!: Sarawak Energy Chief Executive Officer Datuk Torstein Dale Sjotveit presents FAS President Datu Sudarsono Osman with a mock sponsorship as senior management from both Sarawak Energy and FAS look on.