Murum Resettlement Now Enjoying 24-Hour Electricity Supply

Sarawak Energy lights up resettled communities following Murum HEP coming online

BELAGA, KAPIT, 23th OCTOBER 2015, FRIDAY: The positive change brought about by the development shaping up in Belaga’s interior following the construction of the Murum Hydroelectric Plant continues to elevate the lives of the resettled communities.

The Murum Resettlement comprises 3 villages in the Tegulang area and 4 villages in the more remote Metalun area.

All villages now have access to 24-hour electricity, allowing households in the Metalun and Tegulang areas to run refrigerators, washing machines and more without being limited by the previous 12 hour window of electricity supply.

The three villages in Tegulang are now connected to the main grid via the Murum HEP Environmental Power Station under a RM7million Rural Electrification Scheme project.

At Metalun, given its distance of about 100 km away from Murum HEP making it difficult to connect to the grid, the four villages will continue to source supply from individual diesel powered stations. However, generation time has been extended to 24-hours as more sustainable long term options are being explored.

Since moving, the communities have enjoyed access to better housing, roads and clean water. Twenty-four hour electricity completes the package.

Sarawak Energy Group Chief Executive Officer Datuk Torstein Dale Sjotveit said, “Providing access to renewable, affordable energy for everybody is a major goal for Sarawak and rural electrification is a key priority.  

We take this for granted in our towns and cities but it is very precious in the rural areas. We are delighted to work with the government to help light up our most remote communities so that they can enjoy the same facilities as their urban counterparts.

This is doubly so when we are providing 24 hour electricity to our project-affected communities, many of whom didn’t have access to electricity before the resettlement.  We will continue to work with the government to strive to improve the standard of living of these communities,” he added.


A night view of one of the longhouses at Tegulang Resettlement Area.

After resettlement, the community embraces the change in lifestyle from a semi-nomadic to a more settled way of life.

Bird’s eye view of the Murum Resettlement Area