Long Luar Delivery Issue to Be Resolved

KUCHING, 26th NOVEMBER 2015, THURSDAY: Sarawak Energy is working with the Belaga District Office to verify claims made by a resident from Long Luar longhouse and 2 others that Long Luar is experiencing inadequate delivery of its monthly household goods allocation.

As this has not been raised by other longhouses in the Murum Resettlement Area, the parties specifically involved in the supply of the Long Luar allocation have been asked to provide a full explanation of the issue within this week so the matter can be resolved quickly.

NOTE ON PROCESS: The disbursement of temporary assistance for villages in the Murum Resettlement Area in the form of funds (RM250) and supply (worth RM600) is coordinated by the Belaga District Office. The transportation of supplies from Bintulu is undertaken separately by local residents from each longhouse to ensure a wider distribution of contractual opportunities amongst the communities. Sarawak Energy voluntarily pays for the transportation costs through the District Office as part of our ongoing corporate social responsibility for the communities in the resettlement area.