Illegal Electrical Tapping Injures SESCO Technician

KUCHING, 28th October 2015 - A SESCO technician suffered electrical burns on his hands due to a flashover when he was carrying out meter installation works at a new house located at a residential area at Stapok here recently.

The investigation of the incident revealed that residents of the new house were illegally tapping electricity to their home without meter using a cable jumper, which is a very unsafe connection method and not compliance to SESCO safety standards. The illegal connection was not detected during the installation resulting in a flashover which injured the technician.

According to a SESCO spokesperson, “Our technician was fortunate to have only suffered minor injuries. This could have resulted to more serious injuries or even fatality."

The spokesperson continued, "This is a newly completed housing project which is pending meter installation. Further investigations have revealed that many more houses in the same area were illegally connected to the supply without meter using the same method to enjoy free electricity. SESCO and the Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU) of the Ministry of Public Utilities are taking action against the internal wiring contractor and the house owners for this irresponsible act. A police report has also been lodged for further investigation.”

The SESCO spokesperson added, “We have detected many cases of illegal direct tapping without meters in Kuching - not only at new housing areas but also at commercial areas with high risk customers such as online gambling centers, massage and reflexology parlours and lodging houses. Some of the areas include commercial centres located along Jalan Batu Kawa, Kota Samarahan and Jalan Foochow and also shop houses along Jalan Gita.

"In most cases, the direct connections are left exposed with no protective circuit which is very dangerous as it easily causes flashover and may cause fires. These business operators are jeopardising the safety of public especially children who patronise the area. SESCO would like to urge the public to report to us any suspicious meter tampering or electricity theft activities immediately to prevent mishaps that could cause injury and even fatality.”  

SESCO has consistently reminded the public on the danger of tampering with electricity meters and electrical wiring system. Members of the public can report suspected cases to the power theft hotline at 082 - 44 35 35 or email . All information received will be kept strictly confidential.

The burnt marks on the hand suffered by the SESCO Technician from the electrical flashover due to the illegal direct connection

Another picture showing the burnt marks found on the SESCO Technician hand from the electrical flashover due to the illegal direct connection

Photo showing the illegal jumper which is unsafe and nonstandard that was used to steal electricity at the house

Another dangerous direct connection without meter found at Jalan Foochow to steal electricity

The illegal direct connections found at Bandar Riyal commercial, Kota Samarahan