Vocational Students Gets A Peek Into Sarawak Energy's Operations

KUCHING, Wednesday, 16 April, 2014: A group of students from Kuching Vocational College had an insightful visit to Menara Sarawak Energy as part of the college's exposure program to the industry.

Some 30 of them majoring in electrical studies visited the headquarters at Isthmus on Monday to learn about Sarawak Energy's core business activities, its role in developing Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) and internship opportunities at the company.
Led by the college's Academic Deputy Director Lim Ah Juan, the students were given a briefing on the headquarters itself for being the first green building in East Malaysia and toured the Sarawak Energy Museum where they were told about the company's proud history of more than 70 years.

The students were also inquisitive over hydro generation activities particularly on Murum and Batang Ai.

They were later brought on a site visit to Muara Tabuan 132 KV substation where its senior technician Ganesh Maniam and operations engineer Laja Supit briefed the students on what goes on in a substation.

Earlier on, Lim said this was the first time the college had organized a visit to Sarawak Energy and hope it would foster good ties between the college and the company.

"The students whom are here today are the pioneering batch ever since the school got elevated to a vocational college status in line with the national transformation program for vocational and technical education," he said.

He added, with Sarawak Energy being the state's own energy provider, it was certainly an ideal place to train the students in preparing them to meet the industry's expectations post-graduation.

"These students will graduate in 2016 so until then, we will want to make sure there is a match between what is being taught to our students and what is required by the industry to ensure employability," he said.

Sarawak Energy sees human capital development as a crucial part in the state's growth particularly for the much needed skilled workforce for SCORE.

As such, the company is committed to support human capital development in Sarawak and makes it a point to take in 200 industrial trainees annually.

The real deal: Sarawak Energy operations engineer Laja Supit briefing the students on the Muara Tabuan 132 KV substation.

On site: Sarawak Energy senior technician Ganesh Maniam briefs the students on the control panels at the Muara Tabuan 132 KV substation.