Steady Increase In The Enrolment Of Students In Sk Tegulang

MURUM, SUNDAY 20th JULY 2014: Student enrolment rate shows a steady increase at SK Tegulang, one of the two schools set up by Sarawak Energy for the resettled community affected by the Murum HEP.

At present, the total number of enrolment had risen to 120 from only 116 recorded in April this year as the determination to obtain basic education grows among the Penan and Kenyah communities in the area.

The latest student count at SK Tegulang for classes Primary 1 to Primary 6, comprised 74 males and 46 females and the school currently have 13 teachers.

The school’s headmaster Sibi Lang said it was encouraging to note that day by day, parents began to realise the importance of sending their children to school for a brighter future.

Sibi said the difference in the development of these students compared to then and now, was visible. Though there was still much to be done, these students were now able to comprehend and converse in Bahasa Malaysia, read a little and count too.

According to him, most of these children were attending school for the first time so remedial classes were being run to build their learning foundation. This helps them catch up with the syllabus before joining normal classes.

“Initially when Sarawak Energy set up the school, there was some reluctance among the villagers to send their children to school because of several factors like transport issues and not being able to buy uniforms and stationery among others.

“Nevertheless, Sarawak Energy had worked closely with the school to find ways and means to resolve these issues and we are slowly getting there. In February itself, the company donated school uniforms, shoes and school bags to all the students at SK Tegulang,” said Sibi.

The State’s energy provider donated school uniforms, shoes and school bags to all students of SK Tegulang in an effort to ease the burden of the parents as majority of them lacked fixed income. Meals are also provided to ensure the school children receive their daily nutrients intake during break time.

The company, through its corporate social responsibility team, is also planning to widen the range of donated items by including exercise books and stationery, with the hope of encouraging more children to attend school.

SK Tegulang and SK Metalun are primary schools set up by Sarawak Energy with the objective of providing the Penan and Kenyah children access to basic education. Among the subjects taught are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Science, Art, Mathematics, Sports, Moral Study and Life Skills.

This is just part of the company’s various initiatives to better the lives of the communities in Murum and it hopes to continue this positive engagement with the locals.

SK Tegulang Headmaster Sibi Lang receives sports equipment from Sarawak Energy Manager for Social Investment Joanne Tan recently.

Some of the students surround their teacher during lesson time.

Lesson time at SK Tegulang