Statement On Outage In Kuching and Sri Aman

Kuching, 9th January 2014 Sarawak Energy regrets that the power supply to areas in Kuching and Sri Aman was interrupted following a transmission fault at 2.36pm today.

The transmission fault was triggered by protection testing at the Engklili 275 kV sub station.

According to Sarawak Energy's Chief Operating Officer, Mr Lu Yew Hung, "Our team has worked hard to restore power at the shortest possible time. We managed to achieve full restoration of supply to all affected areas by 4.46pm. The next step us to undertake further investigation of the incident to make sure that we understand the root cause and to ascertain that there is no other contributing factor to the fault.”

“On behalf of Sarawak Energy, we humbly apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers. Their patience is highly appreciated."