Scheduled Shutdown Of Power Supply For Repair & Maintenance Purpose In Sri Aman Division

Kuching, Thursday, 10th January 2014 : Sarawak Energy wishes to inform its customers residing in Sri Aman, Engkilili, Melugu areas up to Bukit Begunan, Bayai Water Works, Lingga Stumbin and Tanjung Bijat in the Sri Aman Division that the power supply to their premises will be interrupted from 10.30 pm this Saturday to Sunday 5.00 am for a period of 6.5 hours to carry out repair and maintenance works at Engkilili 275/33kV Substation. The repair and maintenance works involved are unavoidable and vital to keep the substation equipment in serviceable condition for power transmission.

Sarawak Energy wishes to advise its customers to be prepared with torch lights and candles and take extra precaution when using candles to avoid incidents and accidents.

The inconvenience caused by the power interruption is very much regretted and Sarawak Energy assures that the company will strive to restore supply to the affected customers in the shortest time possible. If weather does not permit, the works will be postponed to a later date.