Sarawak Energy's Outreach Programme At Niah

NIAH, THURSDAY 10TH JULY 2014: Sarawak Energy and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) jointly organised a field trip for a group of selected students to visit the world renowned Niah Caves in a bid to expose them to one of Sarawak’s natural heritage.

The group comprising mostly Form 4 students was specially selected for their academic excellence to join the guided tour to the caves that boast a history dating back millions of years.

The objective of the trip was to provide an opportunity for the students living in the Miri area to visit Niah National Park, as many of them have not been there before despite living in proximity.  The two-day program featured a syllabus specifically tailored to touch on modules pertaining to Forest Ecology and Biodiversity among others.  

Students were briefed on the subject matters and divided into groups for discussion and ultimately, present their ideas and findings. Prizes were given for the best presentation.  

Sarawak Energy Senior Manager for Environment Tan Kee Choon, who was leading the visit, said Sarawak Energy’s participation in this activity was part of its outreach efforts to promote culture and heritage awareness among the youth.

He said this was one of many initiatives by Sarawak Energy that focuses on education and increase awareness to care for the environment.

‘We are very happy to see this group of students being exposed to the great outdoors while they learn and have a good time.  This is not merely a field trip.  The students are required to absorb the information shared from the various lectures and briefings and then discuss among themselves. They are then required to present their findings and ideas at the end of the programme.

“We look forward to having many more events like this that imparts knowledge on the youth of today,’ said Tan.

The programme is also meant to instill a sense of environmental stewardship among the students and develop their awareness of the environment.

Apart from the modules, the guided tour to the caves was the highlight of the programme whereby students were enlightened on the history of the caves and the various kinds of wildlife that can be found at Niah centuries ago.

The students and the organising team pose for a group photo during the Sarawak Energy’s Outreach Programme to the Niah Caves.

Students and the organising team on a guided tour into the world famous Niah Cave.