Sarawak Energy Safety Campaign through Radio Forum “Randau Pemansang”

KUCHING, 18th August, 2014, MONDAY: Sarawak Energy is intensifying the spread of safety messages to the public and its latest effort saw the company’s participation in the “Randau Pemansang” programme.

The community awareness programme is an Iban radio forum on RTM that touches on current issues affecting the public. The programme was initiated by the Deputy Chief Minister’s Office in collaboration with the Persatuan Alumni Dayak Universiti Malaya (Padum) with the objective of disseminating information on the government policies and projects relating to social, economy, safety, security, cultural, youth, leadership and entrepreneurship.

This time round, the topic was on “Nyeliah ka Penusah Laban Angus Rumah” which relates to the prevention of fire disaster and Sarawak Energy was part of the forum.

Representing Sarawak Energy in the recent forum was Patrick Sibat, Safety and Health Officer from the Corporate Risk and HSE Division and the other panelist was James Gani, Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Assistant Superintendent. The forum was broadcasted over Wai FM and ASTRO 871 channel, facilitated by moderator Paul Silong, Padum committee member.

During the forum, Patrick spoke on how fire disaster could occur through faulty electrical appliances and illegal and poor wiring among others. He also highlighted on prevention of fire caused by electrical fault, the role of Corporate Risk and HSE Division in electrical safety as well as the company’s awareness programmes that are in the pipeline.

“While electricity is essential in our daily lives, it is crucial to note how dangerous it can be when it comes to dealing with high voltage. Therefore, simple things like keeping electrical appliances away from water, paying attention to appliances and never piling on the plugs on a single switch, can prevent unwanted incidences.

“It is also not worth the risk to attempt to repair or upgrade your wiring system yourselves. Always have a licensed electrician to inspect your wiring,” he said.

Sarawak Energy has lined up a series of safety programmes which includes safety awareness talks in schools, to public contractors such as JKR, Water Board, Telekom, local councils and even at longhouses. The company also organizes electrical safety awareness programmes at Palm Oil Estates as well as distribute electrical safety rules book, pamphlets, leaflets and brochures to name a few.

Aside from this, Sarawak Energy from time to time organises corporate safety week, exhibitions as well as conduct safety audit and inspection on site at its electrical installation and power stations.

Sarawak Energy’s Corporate Risk and HSE Division appreciated the opportunity to be on the forum and hope to participate in the forum regularly from now on to continuously communicate safety messages to the public.

Sarawak Energy’s Safety and Health Officer Patrick Sibat (left) receives a memento from Padum President Cooplay Nyipa Aji as Bomba Assistant Superintendent James Gani (second left), Sirai Daha from the Deputy Chief Minister’s Office (fifth left), moderator Paul Silong (sixth left) and others look on.