Sarawak Energy Builds RC Bridge At Long Wat

Murum, Belaga, 25th August 2014: Sarawak Energy is taking immediate action to rebuild the collapsed timber crossing at Long Wat, replacing it with RC Bridge.  The crossing collapsed last Friday due to soil erosion following heavy rainfall over the past couple of weeks.   

According to Sarawak Energy Senior Manager for CSR, Jiwari Abdullah: “After receiving news of the incident, we immediately dispatched our people to the site to assess the extent of the damage to the timber crossing.  Sarawak Energy then made immediate arrangement for a RC Culvert bridge to be constructed immediately to replace the timber crossing.  The materials and machinery are already on site and construction will start as soon as weather permits.  Subject to good weather, the works could be completed in a few days.  In the meantime, we have built a temporary crossing to allow accessibility at least by foot and motorcycles.”

The company understands that the incident has caused some of the villagers to be concerned and we are constantly in communication with them on the course of action that Sarawak Energy has undertaken to mitigate the problems that resulted from the incident.

Sarawak Energy is placing top priority in addressing this problem and in ensuring that the daily activities of the people will not be further disrupted and the children are able to resume school as soon as possible.

Currently, there are close to 300 children going to school at SK Tegulang and SK Metalun taught by 18 teachers from the Education Department.  The school started early this year and the facilities are going to be further enhanced with the building of multipurpose hall for sports and recreational activities.  Works for the multipurpose hall will start by end of the year and expected to complete by mid-2015.

The SK Tegulang and Metalun are operating just like other schools in the rural areas, with the addition of remedial classes for the children who have never attended school.

Through the Murum Penan Development Committee (MPDC), Sarawak Energy has provided transportation for the children to go to school.  Complete school uniforms, shoes and school bags were also provided at par with other school going children.

Pic 1: The materials ready for construction of RC Bridge

Pic 2: The building of temporary crossing