Sarawak Energy Acknowledges Customers' Concerns

Kuching, 26th January 2014 : Sarawak Energy acknowledges the concerns raised by the Malaysia (Sarawak) Association for Shopping and Highrise Management (PPK)and merchants concerning the impact of recent power outages to their businesses.
Sarawak Energy Chief Operating Officer Mr Lu Yew Hung said: "While occasional interruptions are a fact of life around the world, SEB is not taking any of these outages lightly. Other than doing thorough investigations, we will we take the learning from the incidents and maximise our efforts towards improving our operation."

Mr Lu added, “We will immediately take an initiative to meet up with the concerned groups, listen carefully to their concerns and find ways on how we could improve our services to serve them better. At the same time, we could share with them the preventive measures and plans that SEB deploys to improve the reliability of our distribution system."

“Sarawak Energy respects our customers’ high expectations and we appreciate the opportunity for constructive dialogue. In the meantime, we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that interruptions to the power supply are minimized,” said Lu.