Power Trip Due To Damaged Voltage Transformer

Kuching, 25 June 2014: Sarawak Energy wishes to inform the public that the power interruption which affected some parts of Kuching, Bau, Lundu and Sematan since 9.07 am today was due to cable termination fault which caused a mild explosion on a 33KV Voltage Transformer.  

This in turn resulted in the transformers at the Semenggoh Substation to trip. The tripping caused a loss of 72MW load for Kuching.

A Fire and Rescue team from the Batu Lintang Station was called to secure the premise before the maintenance team could enter the substation to investigate the extent of damage, to isolate the fault, do the necessary repair works and restore power. However, due to the thick smoke the team could only enter the substation at around 11.30am.

Repair works is expected to complete by 6.30pm today. Power restoration started in stages since 11.10am and is currently in progress.

Sarawak Energy thanks members of the public for their patience and understanding and also to the Batu Lintang Fire and Rescue Department for their swift response. The company apologises for the inconveniences caused due to the unavoidable circumstances.

The damaged voltage transformer.

A fireman inspect the damaged voltage transformer after the smoke has cleared out.

The damaged voltage transformer.

Firemen dispatched to the scene.