Kuching, 27th June 2014: Sarawak Energy wishes to inform the public that the damage sustained on the Semenggoh 132/33kV Substation which caused the power outage on 25th June, 2014 has led to another power outage occurring today.

This time, Semenggoh 132/33kV Transformer which is in operation tripped at 9.45am affecting Lundu, Bau, Siburan, 7th Mile to 15th Mile, Batu Kawa, Boulevard and Batu Kitang.

Despite the immediate repair works being carried out, the damage sustained on Wednesday’s outage further aggravated the transformer to trip. The trip was to protect the equipment from being seriously damaged.

Swift response by Sarawak Energy restored power to Bau within two hours and achieved partial restoration to Lundu, Siburan and 12th Mile. Power restoration through load transfer to the remaining affected areas is still in progress.

Sarawak Energy expects to fully restore power to the affected areas by evening, however, the system will still be weak until the other transformer which was affected in Wednesday’s power outage gets restored.

Sarawak Energy thanks members of the public for their patience and apologises for the inconveniences caused due to the unavoidable circumstances.