Unexpected Turnout at Sarawak Energy's Go Bald Satellite Event for SCCS

Kuching, May 16, 2013:  In conjunction with Sarawak Children's Cancer Society's (SCCS) Go Bald Event, Sarawak Energy organized  the Go Bald Satellite event at its headquarters on 10 May 2013. A total of 50 caring staff volunteered to have their heads shaved bald in support of children with cancer.

As part of its CSR initiative, Sarawak Energy made a contribution to the noble cause which is aimed at creating awareness towards childhood  cancer and raise funds to support children for their treatment and well-being. Sarawak Energy has also seen a large number of Sarawak Energy team members come forth and make donations,  Donations are still coming in and it is hoped that  the fund raised  can help ease the suffering of children battling cancer. 

‘This is a staff driven initiative.  The response is very encouraging as it provides the avenue for staff to get involved in something they care about. Although this is the first time we are organizing this event, we are very happy to see such a big turnout as this promotes employee volunteerism at the work place. ' said Joanne Tan (陈楚燕) , Manager for Social Investment  at Sarawak Energy.

The atmosphere was packed with energy as a growing crowd began to assemble in the atrium of Sarawak Energy's headquarters, where the event was held. Initially, 23 staff members had registered as participants but as the event progressed, a total of 46 had registered on the spot upon seeing their colleagues stepping up for charity, including one brave female colleague who was the only lady to represent Sarawak Energy in going bald for charity. 
The event was officiated by Puan Aisah Eden, the Chief of Corporate Services who symbolically made the first shave for Dr Chen Shiun, General Manager of Research and Development.

'CSR is not the job of just the CSR team, it's about everyone having the right attitude, in being aware of the impacts we have on our community and environment. Today's event sees a big number of volunteers and that shows that the spirit of CSR and philanthropy in Sarawak Energy is strong', said Dr Chen Shiun, GM, R&D, who courageously led the Sarawak Energy Go Bald team. 

Music played and people were having a good time supporting and cheering their colleagues as the shavers glided across their soon to be bald heads. It was the perfect way to wind down a busy week and show support for a noble cause.

SCCS was very pleased with the turnout.

 'Sarawak Energy has been very generous and supportive of our cause. The unexpected turnout is very encouraging. We look forward to working together with Sarawak Energy again next year and hopefully we will have double the amount of participants.' said Jodie Sim, Organising Chairperson of SCCS Go Bald.

Sarawak Energy is proud to be associated  with the Go Bald event, a noble cause that shows that there are caring people in our community and that children battling cancer are not alone. 

Puan Aisah Eden, Chief of Corporate Services, making the first shave for Dr Chen Shiun, General Manager, R&D, Sarawak Energy 

Sarawak Energy’s Go Bald participants showing off their bald heads during the event