The New Look of Sarawak Museum Longhouse Cultural Gallery Sponsored by Sarawak Energy to Launch in May 2013

Gallery to showcase the uniqueness of Sarawak’s indigenous communities

Kuching, April 12, 2013 – Sarawak Museum in collaboration with Sarawak Energy, the State’s energy provider, will be unveiling the enhanced cultural gallery showcasing the culture and heritage of the indigenous people of Sarawak in May 2013.

Collaborating with Sarawak Museum to raise the public’s awareness towards Sarawak’s rich cultural heritage.
(L-R) Ipoi Datan, Sarawak Museum Director and Torstein Dale Sjøtveit, CEO of Sarawak Energy

“The gallery, entitled as ‘Longhouses of Sarawak’ will feature the rich culture and heritage of Sarawak’s indigenous communities. It will showcase the diversity of our ethnicities, culture, language, etc, that made up our beautiful Sarawak. Visitors will be given a more in depth understanding of what makes Sarawak unique” said Torstein Dale Sjøtveit, CEO of Sarawak Energy.

The new look of the cultural gallery in Sarawak Museum will be launched in May 2013. (L-R) Haniza Hamid, Senior Manager II, Corporate Communications; Aisah Eden, Chief of Corporate Services; Torstein Dale Sjøtveit, CEO of Sarawak Energy;  Ipoi Datan, Sarawak Museum Director; Joanne Tan(陈楚燕), Manager, Social Investment; and Jiwari Abdullah, Senior Manager II, CSR

According to Sarawak Museum Director Ipoi Datan: “We are very appreciative and grateful that Sarawak Energy is assisting us to preserve the culture and heritage of Sarawak and its people. This is a noble effort to help enhance our gallery offerings; this longhouse offers collections of historical artifacts, life size recreations of longhouses from the various indigenous group, historical photographs, legendary stories, traditional musical instruments, handicrafts, tools and traps used for fishing and hunting, etc”.

A preview of what the visitors could look forward to in the new feature of
the Sarawak Museum Gallery to be launched in May 2013

The preservation of cultural and heritage is at the heart of Sarawak Energy’s CSR. Sarawak Energy aims to raise public awareness towards cultural heritage and emphasise that cultural preservation is an essential aspect that shapes the Sarawakian identity.