Sarawak Energy Takes A Strong Stand Against Those Responsible For Destroying Core Samples From Baram Soil Investigation Work

Kuching, (Sarawak: Malaysia) – 4 November, 2013: Sarawak Energy confirmed that it will lodge further police reports against those responsible for destroying core samples from the soil investigation work and threatening workers conducting site investigations as part of the preliminary feasibility works on the proposed Baram Hydroelectric Project (HEP).

Sarawak Energy’s Chief of Corporate Services, Aisah Eden said “We have provided the police with a detailed file including video and photographic evidence of the destruction of core samples and other valuable property at Long Kahah (downstream of Long Na’ah, Baram).  In addition, both Sarawak Energy and our contractors have made detailed statements concerning aggressive threats of physical violence made by specific individuals against our workers.  In addition, the damage to the core samples is estimated to run to a million ringgit”.

“If these NGOs and their foreign counterpart, Bruno Manser Foundation think we are going to be intimidated by these irresponsible actions, then they are wrong.  People who engage in this kind of behavior will face the full consequences of both the criminal and civil law.”

Endorsing Aisah’s comments, SEB’s Senior Manager responsible for Community Engagement, Jiwari Abdullah said, “Having failed to make any impact in Sarawak, these NGO’s have now revealed their true colours, displaying their violence and intimidation.  I was saddened to learn that the Bruno Manser Foundation even staged a protest at our CEO’s home in Oslo with the intention of frightening his family.”

“If Bruno Manser has enough money to employ a football team of so-called activists in Switzerland and to fly naïve young people to perform foolish stunts in Norway, why is it that in all my years in the interior of Sarawak, I have never seen them achieve anything on the ground for the indigenous people whose rights they claimed they are championing.”

Endorsing his team’s remarks, SEB Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Torstein Sjotveit went on to say, “Over recent months, Sarawak Energy has been much more active in pushing out the facts.  The communication of the truth has infuriated our detractors, who are now resorting to the tactics of the gutter.”

“At Sarawak Energy, the welfare of the people potentially affected by our work enjoys our constant focus and attention.  While there is always more to learn, we have made strong progress and we look forward to being a good neighbor to the communities with which we work for many decades to come”.

Photo Caption:  Peter Kallang stands on the ruins of the core samples at the soil investigation site in Baram