Sarawak Energy Provides Aid To Sg Asap Fire Victims

Belaga, Sarawak, 15 February 2013: Sarawak Energy delivered immediate aid to villagers at Uma Kulit in Sg Asap, Belaga following the fire incident that burned down the 19-door longhouse on February 10, leaving about 180 villagers homeless. Among the necessities donated to the victims by Sarawak Energy on February 14, were food items such as rice, sugar and canned food, mattresses and clothes.

Uma Kulit's Village Head, Gun Imang described the tragedy as a complete terror and chaos as villagers scrambled to put out the fire and assisted family members and neighbours to safety. "We truly appreciate the donations given by Sarawak Energy and its prompt response clearly shows the organisation's concern on the well-being of the community," said Gun Imang.

Both Belaga Pemanca Umek Jeni and Tony Kulleh were glad that Sarawak Energy extended its immediate assistance to fire victims in Sungai Asap. "I hope Sarawak Energy could come up with follow up assistance especially on providing gas stoves and cylinder," said Tony. Also present on site were Murum Penan Development Committee (MPDC) Chairman Labang Paneh and MPDC secretary Isah Abang.

Leading the team from Sarawak Energy was Bit Surang, Community Relations Executive for Murum.  "We appreciate the villagers cooperation towards our efforts to assist them and this shows good relationship between Sarawak Energy and the Belaga community. We will continue to monitor situation and identify other immediate requirements of the victims. We will do follow up visits and render subsequent assistance to the villagers to ensure that they settle down comfortably", said Bit. 
In a bigger picture, Sarawak Energy has rendered several social initiatives to the Sg. Asap communities and they include support for educational, social and cultural activities such as the Belaga Youth Day & Education Expo and funding for the construction of an aquaculture training facility at Bakun reservoir. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager II, Jiwari Abdullah said, "Social consciousness has always been at the core of Sarawak Energy's business and where there are local communities affected by our operations and projects, we provide support and empower them to lead a sustainable living. Sarawak Energy's CSR programme focuses on four priorities and they are education and young people; culture & heritage; environmental management & conservation; and community development and entrepreneurship."

RAZED: What is left of the longhouse after the Feb 10 fire

RESILIENT: Villagers taking a short break from their efforts to clear debris to greet the team from Sarawak Energy

Fire victims and villagers working together to distribute aid by Sarawak Energy

Bit (forth left) presenting aid to Gun while other community leaders and fire victims look on

FEISTY MAN: Village Head Gun Imang led villagers in the efforts to stop the fire from spreading