Sarawak Energy Plays Its Part to Preserve Sarawak’s Culture and Heritage

Kuching, 9 November 2013 – Sarawak Energy Berhad participated in the Borneo International Beads Conference (BIBCo 2013) as a proactive step to preserve part of Sarawak’s greater culture and heritage.

The conference which was held from October 11 to 13, 2013 provided an excellent opportunity for Sarawak Energy, particularly the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team to learn and share knowledge with local and international beads scholars and researchers in a bid to cultivate cultural interest among the locals.

From the vast pool of knowledge and exquisite handicraft skills gained from the conference, Sarawak Energy aims to help women, especially those from communities affected by the hydro development project, make a sustainable living through handicrafts and acquire entrepreneurial skills. Through active use of bead-making, the women community in rural areas can help preserve the bead tradition in a commercially viable way.

According to Joanne Tan, (陈楚燕) Social Investment Manager of Sarawak Energy, “Besides our commitment in delivering the people of Sarawak with sufficient energy supply, Sarawak Energy emphasizes a great deal on the significance of culture and heritage. Sarawak Energy highly regards the cultural values and heritage of Sarawak, community development and entrepreneurship within the local residents."

Sarawak Energy also sponsored five (5) final year students from the Design Technology Department, Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, UNIMAS to attend BIBCo 2013. Joanne added,"By offering this opportunity to creative arts students, we hope that they will be inspired to sustain the legacy of our cultural heritage."

Among the skills demonstrated during the conference included paper bead making, fibre beads (Malaysia), ‘Recycle – Reuse’ – from trash and treasure (Australia), Indigenous beadwork (Taiwan), beaded Chinese-style bracelet (China), Lamp-bead production (demonstration) and Orang Ulu bead bobble.

Following the conference, Sarawak Energy plans to collaborate with related arts and crafts organizations to provide suitable training for the local community and venture further into community development and entrepreneurship through the community’s rich cultural heritage.

Sarawak Energy has identified four priorities within its CSR programme. They are:

  • education and young people;
  • culture and heritage;
  • environmental management & conservation; and
  • community development and entrepreneurship.