Power Restored After Interruption To Sibu Area

Sibu, 10 January 2013:- Power was restored in less than two hours to customers in Sibu town following a trip that occurred at Deshon substation. The incident affected several areas in Sibu including the Central Business District at 9.07pm last night.

Sarawak Energy's Central Regional Manager, Choo Min Chong said, "Our technicians were immediately deployed when the incident happened to ensure power supply to our customers was quickly and safely restored. Power was fully restored by 10.14pm."

Two units of 132/33KV transformers at Deshon Substation tripped due to a snake that climbed onto the outdoor "bus bar" (a conducting bar that carries heavy currents to supply several electric circuits) resulting to an electrical flash over at the bus bar. Unfortunately, the equipment which was supposed to have isolated the initial fault malfunctioned, and caused another trip at two units of 132/33KV transformers. As a result, the power interruption affected a wider area.

"We deeply regret for any inconvenience and would like to thank our customers in Sibu for their patience while restoration works were carried out", said Choo.