Meter Tampering Endangers Lives of Families and Communities – Sarawak Energy

Sarawak, Kuching – January 18, 2013 – Sarawak Energy Berhad, the State’s electricity provider urges members of the public not to put their lives at stake by stealing electricity and tampering meters. In a campaign to curb power theft, Sarawak Energy revealed the many dangers of the common practice, which could potentially endanger the lives of entire communities.

Speaking about the campaign, Sarawak Energy’s spokesperson said, “Most people may not realise that stealing electricity and meter tampering are dangerous acts.Offenders not only endanger themselves but potentially jeopardise the lives of their families, neighbours and communities,”

Power theft and meter tampering could result in:

  • An overload of electricity resulting in extremely high voltages that may damage appliances of paying customers.
  • Illegal connections to power sources and attempts to divert metering devices can overload the system, cause interruptions and compromise power quality.
  • Innocent consumers on the same line and utility personnel that work on those lines are all at risk when someone tampers with electricity or electrical equipment.
  • If lines have been interfered with illegally, the lines could remain energized, endangering the lives of the emergency personnel.
  • If power theft cases were curbed, more power would be available to customers who obey the law, power quality and safety would increase and people would experience fewer service interruptions.

Most power theft crimes occur through meter tampering, bypassing meters and tapping power lines. Other methods detected include tapping into neighbouring premises and illegal reconnection after being disconnected.

“The theft of electricity is a challenge that the electricity distribution industry faces but safety is our utmost concern. Our educational outreach and the public’s support will help us continue to provide quality electricity in a safe manner,”Sarawak Energy’s spokesperson added.

Power theft endangers lives and is a crime punishable with a fine of RM100,000 or five years imprisonment or both. Offenders will undergo investigation processes that could lead to prosecution. Power theft investigations and cases are handled in the same manner as criminal cases. Report suspected power theft to the Sarawak Energy Hotline at 082 443535 or email

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. All reports will be kept strictly confidential.