Information Correction

Kuching (Sarawak) September 25, 2013: Sarawak Energy Berhad categorically states that NO construction of hydroelectric project is currently underway in the Baram area. The current activity onsite is actually the detailed Soil Investigation (SI) study done by the contractors and are NOT construction based.  Sarawak energy wishes to highlight  that the community in the area (Long Nahah’a and Long Kesseh) have been informed of the activities through consultation dialogues with Sarawak Energy and the contractors before the Soil Investigations take place. 

The Social Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) consultant for the PROPOSED project is currently developing the report of the SEIA study. No construction of any hydroelectric project will commence until the SEIA has been completed with the findings to be shared with the State Government and stakeholders.

This latest fabrication by certain NGOs is part of a long line of irresponsible smear tactics to spread fear and foster confusion among the people. The State’s hydroelectric vision will generate socio-economic growth for all Sarawakians, especially the indigenous communities who are currently below the poverty line. An element of each project sees Sarawak Energy and the State Government developing sustainable living and sustainable income for the indigenous communities that would see them elevated to above the poverty line with sustainable monthly income, a fact quite the opposite to that purported by the related NGOs.