Early Christmas Joy For Communities In Murum

Belaga, Kapit (Sarawak), 07 December 2013:  Following the completion of the Murum Resettlement exercise, a team of caring individuals from the Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) Sports Club, led by Stell Sindau, Special Advisor for Community Relations and Elizabeth Lee, Secretary of SEB’s Sports Club departed for their journey to the Metalun Resettlement area yesterday morning. The team of volunteers were in Murum to bring Christmas cheers to the communities in their new homes at Metalun, located about 130km from the Murum Hydroelectric Project (HEP).

A total of 11 off-road vehicles loaded with goodies departed for Murum at 9 a.m. on the 6th of December and reached their destination at about 5 p.m. Though tired from the journey, the volunteers immediately began off-loading the Christmas presents along with food and supplies, intended to be distributed to the new residents of Metalun in the spirit of Christmas. Stell Sindau, Special Advisor for Community Relations was happy to see such concerted team effort during this festive season. "I was very touched to see that our team made the effort to make preparations and deliver the Christmas spirit to the Penans in Metalun. During this festive season, it is truly heart-warming to be part of this initiative and for me it feels like Christmas came early this year. Kudos to the SEB Sports Club for their caring spirit." said Stell.

Elizabeth Lee, Secretary of SEB's Sports Club was also already in the Christmas mood.  She said: "The SEB Sports Club is not just about promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, but also like to be involved in community work.  Our appreciation to each and every one of the volunteers for making the effort to spread Christmas joy among the newly resettled communities." said Elizabeth.

A barbecue feast was arranged for the Penans at Metalun as Christmas music played in the background and presents were distributed to the children, who rewarded the volunteers with smiles and laughter.

Festive celebrations such as this will accelerate the communities’ process in adapting to their living environment.  This initiative was to support Sarawak Energy's overall effort to uplift the living standards of the communities affected by the Murum HEP and there are many more similar initiatives aimed at providing a better future for the communities affected by the Murum HEP. 

After Metalun, the team are scheduled to bring early Christmas joy to the communities in Tegulang tonight before heading home on Sunday.

Stell and Elizabeth distributing Christmas gifts to the Penan children at Long Menapa, Metalun

Penan Children already in Christmas Spirit at Long Menapa, Metalun

Early Christmas at Long Menapa, Metalun

Christmas Photo at Long Menapa, Metalun