Vehicle Knocks Down SESCO's Stay Wire Causing Power Interruption in Dalat

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 24 May 2012 – Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) deeply regrets the inconvenience and power supply disruption caused to our customers in Dalat two nights ago. The incident was beyond our control as a vehicle knocked into a SESCO ‘stay wire’ causing damage to a power pole and overhead lines at Oya Dalat Road. The incident, which happened close to midnight on 22nd May 2012, took 15 hours to be repaired, which prolonged all power restoration works. 

Choo Min Chong, Sarawak Energy’s Regional Manager (Central Region) said, "It took a longer time to rectify the problem because the damaged pole is a heavy angled pole unlike regular straight poles. In addition, since it was the only power line that was supplying electricity to Dalat, major replacement work had to be carried out and materials had to be delivered in from Mukah".  

Supply was fully restored at 3.20pm on 23 May 2012. 

Following this incident, we urge for road users to be more vigilant and practice safe driving habits. We are relieved that the driver escaped unharmed. However, it was unfortunate that many residents of Dalat had to endure the inconvenience as a result of this accident.