Underground Cable Power Overload Leads To Power Outage

KUCHING, 27 FEBRUARY 2012 - In response to the statement made by Kota Sentosa Assemblyman YB Chong Chieng Jen on the recent power outage incident that occurred at one block of shophouse in 7th Mile Bazaar, spokesperson from Sarawak Energy Berhad confirmed that the cause of the outage was due to the overloading of power to the underground cable. From our investigation, it was learned that the power outage was possibly due to some customers who are using equipments that are consuming a lot of power. This resulted in power overload. 

The spokesperson also said that on 24th February 2012, some of the load on the affected cable has been temporarily transferred to other nearby cables. This is a temporary solution. "We are now determining, which of the tenants or customers who have increased the loadings or installed high power-consuming equipment, so that we can help these customers to put in a proper and safe supply scheme to rectify the situation. It will take up about one month to work on this. Therefore, we urge any customers who have recently installed large electrical equipment to alert us", Sarawak Energy spokesperson added.

Sarawak Energy wish to advise and seek cooperation from the public that customers intending to install new equipment, especially those that consumes a lot of power like commercial ovens or heaters, large air conditioners, motors, large refrigerators and freezers to highlight to us so that we can assist in upgrading the cable to match and accommodate the required power consumption of the equipment to prevent overloading. More importantly, this is to ensure that electricity is safe for everyone to use.  

When a cable is overloaded, it becomes very hot and may catch fire. As a safety measure, our fuses will blow in order to prevent a potential fire and also to protect the customer’s appliances from being damaged. We urge the public to use electricity responsibly for your own safety and for the safety of others.