Tapah Junction Accidents Caused by Excavation, Not Faulty Street Lighting

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 7 June 2012 – A report on faulty street lighting being the cause of accidents at the Tapah junction along the Kuching-Serian road proved to be inaccurate as it was revealed that excavations and installation by contractors had caused damage to the street lighting resulting in poor illumination.  SESCO carries regular maintenance on street lightings to ensure that the roads are well lit for road users.  

“We have a full time team with Skymasters at the Serian office that carries out repairs with assistance from our colleagues in Kuching. Many of the street lighting columns are damaged by installations and excavations inadvertently.  Each time a repair is done, it is damaged very soon after and it is challenging to keep up.  As such, we are working closely with JKR to advise their contractors to be more diligent to resolve this issue.  I am certain collaboration between SESCO and JKR can eradicate any further issues in regards to street lighting along the Kuching-Serian Road.” A spokesperson from SESCO said.  

Public safety is a top concern for SESCO and there are measures being taken to ensure that roads are well lit.  SESCO has carried out 233 repairs on street lighting in the first four months of this year along the Kuching-Serian Road and further collaboration with JKR will further enhance the visibility along this busy road.  

“While SESCO does carry out regular maintenance on street lighting, we still depend on the reporting of any malfunctions to make sure that our road users can drive safely at night.  If the street light malfunctions at the Tapah junction were reported earlier, the repairs would have been carried out sooner and the accidents could have been avoided.” added SESCO’s spokesperson.  

SESCO urges the public to practice extreme caution when driving on the road as there has been a large number of car accidents reported this year.  The public is also encouraged to inform any of SEB's Technical Service Call Centres in regards to any malfunctions to ensure that it can best serve its customers.