SESCO Served Warrant Of Entry To Access Into Locked Gate Premises Suspected Of Meter Tampering

MIRI, 1st October 2012 – SESCO served a warrant of entry to a house in Permyjaya suspected stealing electricity for years. SESCO made many attempts to inspect the meter but failed to get access as the owner deliberately locked the gate to deny entry. The customer ignored letters served by SESCO to request access for meter inspection. After many failed attempts to enter the house, SESCO acquired warrant of entry by Miri Magistrate to enter the premise. The operation was also participated by inspectors from Electrical Inspectorate Unit from the Ministry of Public Utilities and support from police.


With the warrant of entry, the operation teams detected that the meter at the house was tampered. The house is equipped with 7 air-conditions running but only receiving monthly bill of about RM 100. An illegal wire was found connected across the meter terminal to bypass the meter. This illegal connection caused the meter not to fully register the electricity consumption. All evidences have been seized, police report has been lodged and the customer will be prosecuted in court.


According to a SESCO spokesperson, SESCO’s authorized personnel can acquire a warrant of entry from a magistrate to inspect meter at any premises, as per Electricity Ordinance Section 32(B). SESCO often encounter locked gate premises during meter inspection operation. For such cases, SESCO will analyze the monthly consumption pattern. If strong evidence found, SESCO will not hesitate to get warrant of entry to inspect the premise. SESCO would like to seek cooperation from the public for meter inspection. SESCO’s meter inspection team carries authority pass in every meter inspection operation. If in doubt, the public can call SESCO office for verification. Apart from checking meter integrity, SESCO will also check the condition of the wiring to ensure that the wirings are safe for use.  


SESCO appreciates the public for their concern and effort to report power theft. Public can continue to report power theft related information through 082-443535. SESCO would like to reiterate that stealing electricity is a dangerous crime and punishable under section 33(5) of the Electricity Ordinance and punishable with a fine up to RM100,000 or imprisonment of five years or both.

Meter inspection at site witnessed by EIU inspectors

Photo showing illegal black wire cable used to bypass meter