SESCO Inspections Only Carried Out by SESCO Technicians

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 27 APRIL 2012, Syarikat SESCO Berhad or SESCO, a subsidiary of Sarawak Energy, wishes to inform its customers that contrary to the statement made by Lanang PKR Chief George Chen that SESCO is appointing 3rd party contractors to carry out inspections on meters - only SESCo technicians are qualified to carry out inspections. This has always been the practice of SESCO to ensure safety of our customers.  

A spokesperson for SESCO stated, 'We do not allow third party contractors to represent SESCO to inspect meters. The safety of our customers is our utmost concern and we only deploy our own employees who are trained to carry out inspections this is to ensure that safety and quality are not compromised.' 

The spokesperson added that SESCO technicians carry with them all the time a SESCO identification pass that should be prominently displayed on their uniforms. Any member of the public can request to see the pass and they are encouraged to contact the nearest SESCO office for clarification if need be on the authenticity of the technician.