SESCO Diligently Carrying Out Repair to Repair Submarine Cable in Kampung Bako

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 22 June 2012 – Upon discovery of a faulty submarine cable, SESCO has deployed a technical response team to immediately carry out repair work to ensure that the areas affected by the faulty cable enjoy full restoration of their electricity supply.  

SESCO’s investigations discovered that there was a faulty submarine cable caused by piling work carried out by local villages in Kampung Bako.  The submarine cable was found to be buried 7 feet under water and covered by several layers of sediments and debris.  Repairs will take longer than usual due to the unfavourable conditions on site.  Obstructions such as logs were found on site creating further obstacles for the repair team.  

Despite these challenges, SESCO’s repair team is diligently carrying out repair work.  Several hours were spent digging and removing pieces of wood buried on top of the submarine cable.  Due to rising tide conditions, the depth has increased over the course of the repair work but efforts continue with expected completion of all repair work and electricity restored.  

“We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to our customers in Kampung Bako.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the submarine cable was damaged and electricity supply was affected.  We assure our customers that constant electricity supply among our top priorities.  As such, our repair team is hard at work carrying out the required repairs despite difficult conditions.  We expect electricity to be restored within 48 hours from now.” ,said a SESCO spokesperson.