Sarawak Energy Taking Appropriate Measures to Prevent Metal Theft

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 26 APRIL 2012 – In its continuous effort to provide clean energy to the people of Sarawak, Sarawak Energy has taken the initiative to replace its current copper conductors with "Copper Clad Steel" (CCS) conductors.  CCS conductors provide significant advantages compared to the older copper conductors.  Copper conductors are prone to theft as they can be sold to scrap metal dealers or in the black market.  The new CCS conductors do not face this problem as only the outer surface of the CCS wires is coated with a thin film of copper while the inner core is made of steel.  The copper cladding is metallurgically bonded to the steel core making it impossible to separate the copper from the steel.   This renders CCS conductors low in resale value and less vulnerable to theft.   

CCS conductors also possess higher mechanical strength compared to the older copper conductors.  Additionally, CCS conductors are magnetic and can easily be segregated or separated from a mix of copper wires and CCS conductors with the application of a magnetic device.  This makes it very easy for Sarawak Energy or the police to detect CCS conductors from scrap metal yards. Sarawak Energy is the only company in Sarawak using this type of conductors.

Sarawak Energy spokesperson said, "Metal thefts could lead to interruption of electricity supply to the public and businesses, which causes inconvenience to our valued customers.  Apart from supply interruptions, these unscrupulous acts also pose a danger to the general public.  Safety is our top priority and we will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers.  We urge scrap metal dealers to notify our security divisions or the nearest police station if anyone with suspected stolen materials approaches them." 

 The spokesperson added, "We have the full support and cooperation from the police and other relevant government authorities to assist us in combating this issue".   

 Please notify Sarawak Energy's security divisions or the nearest police station if anyone with suspected stolen materials approaches you. Below are contact numbers to Sarawak Energy’s security offices:


Sri Aman
083-322080 ext 3004

084-652020 ext 4624

084-332020 ext 4221


085-652020 ext 5104 

085-211360 ext 123 

Although the losses related to these thefts are significant to Sarawak Energy, it is the loss of life that is the greater cause for concern.