Sarawak Energy Takes Immediate Action to Support Long Wat

Murum, 19 November 2012 - At about 8pm last night, the largest block of the four longhouses at Long Wat was burnt down, leaving some 120 people homeless.

Sarawak Energy Berhad's Community Relations Manager at Murum, Jiwari Abdullah said, "Sarawak Energy is very concerned for the well-being of the people at Long Wat.  We can only imagine the trauma of losing a home to fire and we have therefore taken immediate action to provide food relief and basic necessities such as rice, canned food, sundries, clothes, mattresses, pillows and cooking utensil.  This emergency relief will reach Long Wat tomorrow."

Jiwari added that, "Sarawak Energy is also working with the District Office to initiate a plan for temporary shelter to accommodate the affected families, prior to their move to the new housing at Murum early next year."