Sarawak Energy Going Full Speed Ahead with’s KuchingNITES Run

Kuching, Sarawak, 2 October 2012- Sarawak Energy Berhad has stepped in as the main sponsor to partner with to provide the “power” for the KuchingNITES Run to be held on Saturday, 13 October 2012 at the newly incorporated Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre.


Sarawak Energy recently launched its new corporate identity and with a new tagline “Power to Grow”, it brings a renewed sense of commitment internally towards adopting best practices, constantly finding new ways to be better. This concept is not only internal, and like a ripple effect, it will bring about a wave of change where the ultimate objective is to support the development of the State. It is not only about providing energy but, to also play an active role in supporting the developments of youth of our State.  


“Education and Young People” is one of the key focus areas of our overall CSR strategy” says Joanne Tan Cho Yian, (陈楚燕)Manager Social Investment at Sarawak Energy.   “Our CSR strategy is founded on our belief that our business must have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We believe that support for young people and education is vital if the State is to develop its full potential and reach a developed state status by 2020 as envisioned in the SCORE agenda. shares the same strategic objective of developing young people in preparation for the abundant opportunities in SCORE.   This is why we have partnered with,” she adds. is a Non-Profit Organization, in collaboration with Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) and Sarawak Marathon Association (SMA), which comprises a group of volunteers and professionals who are passionate in promoting healthy lifestyle, wellness and education for especially the youth participation and / or involvement in any of these events. The objective of this run is to create public awareness on the importance of exercise through running activities, which everyone could do so at little cost. It also enhances fellowship and networking amongst the youth and general public as a whole. The theme for this run is “Stars Above Us, Earth Below Us, FIRE Within ME.” It is more than a race, or even a sport. Running is a lifestyle.


"On 13 October 2012, let us KuchingNITES be a part of force where normal individuals fueled by energy and passion of the night and light. Everyone will be running with desire, energy and enthusiasm and let us burn the darkness away as we light up the streets of Kuching with the FIRE within. To-date, we have received 1,212 entries and more entries to come. It is very encouraging that general public especially the youths are very keen to be involved this run. We do hope that the NGOs in Sarawak could also organize more activities that promote healthy lifestyle. This is also in line with our objective to get more of our youths to engage in volunteerism," according to the Organizing Chairman Dato Patrick Liew who is an active sport personality.


Sarawak Energy has pledged a participation of 300 entries and will form a contingent of Sarawak Energy team members who live and love an active lifestyle.  Sarawak Energy has an active Sports Club that engages in various activities throughout the year.  Many Sports Club members as well as other employees are raring to go and participate in this exciting event. 


“We are very excited about the upcoming KuchingNITES Run and expect a big turn-out at the event.  Our members have shown keen interest and the key message that we want to send to everyone is that Sarawak Energy promotes healthy living and camaraderie.  See you at the finish line!” says Haji Sulaiman Bin Abdul Hamid, President of Sarawak Energy Sports Club, who is also the Head of Finance for Sarawak Energy. 


The partnership with is one of many CSR initiatives that Sarawak Energy has embarked upon.  The organisation has recently defined its social investment strategy and identified priorities, projects and partners for sustainable programmes that create positive impact on the communities.