Sarawak Energy Carries Out Regular Street Light Maintenance

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 18 May 2012 – Sarawak Energy Berhad, parent company of SESCO, would like to call upon the public’s kind cooperation to report any street lightings especially those at housing estates, commercial and rural areas that are malfunctioning to SESCO’s Technical Service Call Centres. For information, some street lightings may go on and off intermittently and this makes it difficult for our repair teams to pick up the fault. In some cases, the lights may become faulty as soon as our repair teams leave the area. It would be some time later before the teams return to the same area. The public’s report will help shorten the time to locate faulty lights and further enhance our services. Upon receiving a report, SESCO shall dispatch the repair team on site within 48 hours.  

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for SEB and it would like to honor the trust placed by the public all this while. Sarawak Energy would also like to share that they have been always vigilant to the public’ concern with regard to the services rendered. 

Sarawak Energy would also like to take this opportunity to inform their valued customers that there is a substantial amount of substation equipment, street lighting installations and underground cables that succumb to vandalism and theft.  Financial losses aside, these acts of vandalism and theft causes prolonged power interruption and great inconveniences to customers and road users.  

A SEB spokesperson said, 'Safety is our top priority and we will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers.  We also strive to ensure our customers enjoy constant electricity supply but we need the public to assist us in reporting any malfunctions or theft.'
Despite Sarawak Energy’s efforts to repair and replace losses caused by these acts, theft and vandalism is still rampart but Sarawak Energy will continue to ensure that power interruption is kept to a minimum.  The public is encouraged to inform any of SEB's Technical Service Call Centres in regards to any malfunctions, vandalism or theft  to ensure that it can best serve its customers.