Recent Power Interruptions

Kuching, 27 November 2012, 5.20pm  - Sarawak Energy Berhad is committed to ensure security of electricity supply to avoid any inconvenience to the public and consumers.

Acknowledging the recent incidents of power interruption, Sarawak Energy like any other power utility providers, encounters unplanned outages due to natural elements such as lightning, thunderstorms, trees and animals coming into contact with power lines and equipment.

The power supply interruption that occurred in Kuching on 11 November 2012 was triggered by lightning activities within the vicinity of the 275kV Engkilili – Mambong lines, which then caused the lines to trip.

The incident on Friday, 23 November 2012 that affected Kuching and Sibu regions was as a result of the Selangau - Kemena line 2 that tripped. The Special Protection Scheme (SPS) was triggered, preventing further extensive blackout, and power was fully restored within 30 minutes.

It was unfortunate that another incident unexpectedly occurred on Monday, 26 November 2012 when one of the Bakun generating units tripped. 

Sarawak Energy recognizes these problems and it is taking serious measures to mitigate the impact of unexpected outages and power interruptions such as reinforcing the transmission systems and they are:

  • Construction of the Engkilili - Entinggan Transmission Line, which is 98% completed and expected to complete in March 2013,  which will provide the second 275 kV link to Kuching; and
  • Sarawak Energy will soon commence to ring the existing grid system with the construction of the 500kV transmission backbone. This 600km second transmission line will be constructed in two phases and scheduled to complete in 2014 and 2015 respectively. With the completion of this second grid, the State will be well protected against the incidence of system blackout.The initiatives mentioned above will enhance the performance of the system against unplanned outages.

Sarawak Energy deeply regrets and apologises for the unexpected power outages and is taking various and serious measures to minimize such incidents and improve its restoration processes for the best interest of the public and its consumers.