Power Disruption in Lubok Antu

Lubok Antu, 14 November 2012 – First incident of power disruption in Lubok Antu was reported at 3.04AM on 12 November. Our team of technicians and engineers were sent to site immediately and found a big rubber tree fell on the overhead line, which subsequently broke the high and low tension overhead line conductors. At that point of time, the weather was also in unfavourable condition and the area was submerged. Nevertheless, our team continued with repair works.

As repair works were about to complete around 3PM on 12 November, residents from the  longhouse approached our staff seeking help to cut down a big tree about 100 metres away from the longhouse. Unexpectedly, the tree fell on our overhead line and cause the high tension transformer pole to break.

This second incident caused further delay in restoration works as our team of engineers and technicians had to start the process all over again. It is also challenging due to harsh weather conditions and installation works had to be manually carried out because of the limited access for machinery to be on site.

Harsh weather conditions, limited access for crane to go on site, flash flood, combined with the unexpected turn of events were the reasons behind our delay in repair and restoration works. Despite these challenges, our team worked around the clock.

As of 7.40pm yesterday majority of Lubok Antu residents would already have their power supply restored. Our technical team is still on the job in ensuring remaining affected customers power supply would be restored as soon as possible.

Presently, there is only one main line serving the Lubok Antu area. To minimize future power disruption, we have already initiated the project to implement a second line to ensure seamless supply of electricity. The second line will be made available next year.

Tree fell onto power line. Affected area submerged in water.