New Management Jobs For Sarawakians

Sarawak Energy’s Sustainability & Hydro Power Projects Create New Management Jobs For Sarawakians

Kuching, 18 December 2012 – Sarawak Energy is pleased that its commitment to energy sustainability and Hydro Power projects has also resulted in skilled Sarawak talent returning to embrace the opportunities in their home state. One such returning talent is Mohd Irwan Aman, a local Sarawakian with two Masters Degrees, who moved to West Malaysia for more than 10 years to explore career opportunities in the fast-growing energy industry there. Sarawak Energy is honored that Mohd Irwan Aman has chosen to join Sarawak Energy’s passionate team of experienced professionals as Manager (Sustainability) in the Strategic Communications & CSR Division.

This move to provide high-skilled job opportunities to Sarawakians, jobs that weren’t previously available, is in line with the State’s vision to build a depth of local talent and high income economy which will drive the State’s socio-economic growth for generations to come.

Speaking about why returned, Mohd Irwan Aman said, “Sarawak is my home but the career path I embarked on meant I had to look for employment elsewhere due to my specialisation, especially since the energy sector is such a niche field. The State’s vision to harness renewable energy to drive growth for the State, combined with Sarawak Energy’s rapid growth opened the door for me to return, for which I am truly grateful.  I believe in the State’s vision to diversify and expand from the previous success of natural resources can be truly sustainable. Sarawak is uniquely equipped to meet the demands of global trade and specialized industries as we can provide them clean energy in bulk, something every manufacturer and business should be looking to embrace.”

In his role, Irwan as he is known by his friends and colleagues, is responsible for developing a sustainability strategy which reflects Sarawak Energy’s values and supports the corporation’s business plans, embedding the sustainability as a DNA into the wider corporate strategy. As Sarawak Energy moves from being a simple electricity provider towards being the state-wide facilitator of socio-economic growth, the business of sustainability is paramount with increased emphasis being placed on economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability.

“I especially like the ongoing learning opportunities that we all enjoy and I feel that my personal and professional development has increased immeasurably since I have joined Sarawak Energy. However, I have been saddened by the many reports on Hydro Tasmania stealing Sarawakian jobs, how ‘foreigners’ are controlling the Hydro Power projects and lately, the news that Hydro Tasmania was pressured by NGOs to withdraw. These things are not true. The small number of experienced professionals from overseas are here to help us learn and to share best-practices for us to up-skill in areas that are relatively new to us. They have not displaced us, and if anything, our growth and returning talents is directly due to the wisdom of the Sarawak Energy Board and Government in bringing in some short term help to accelerate knowledge transfer and on-the-job learning.”

Sarawak Energy’s deliberate strategic partnerships with experienced corporations, both international and local, aim to position the company not only as an employer of choice but also as the catalyst for socio-economic growth of the state leveraging on the sustainable development of renewable clean energy.