Miri Supply Restored After Transmission Fault

Sarawak, Kuching,  Sunday, 25th March 2012 - Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) deeply regrets the inconvenience and disruption caused to our customers in Miri by a transmission fault today.

SEB's Grid System Operator, Mr Yong Ying Poh said "At 12.18pm today, both of the 275kV lines that connect Similajau to Tudan tripped. The imbalance between supply and demand in the local area caused the Miri power station to trip, resulting in a loss of supply to the Miri area."

"SEB was able to re-energise one of the two lines at 2.46pm, which allowed the restoration of supply to Miri and surrounding areas to commence at that time."

"SEB acknowledges the community's understandable frustration as a result of today's events."

"We have began an investigation into the underlying cause of today's incident and will use that information to improve the standard of reliability of Sarawak's electricity system in the future."

*** The Grid System Operator is a statutory office with a specific responsibility for maintaining the security of the power system in Sarawak.