Lightning Was The Cause Of Blackout In Kapit

KUCHING, 18 October 2012 – Sarawak Energy deeply regrets the power outage which occurred in Kapit at 2.30pm on 16th October.  Upon investigation of the cause of the blackout, it was determined that lightning was the prime suspect.  Upon detection of the blackout, a team of technicians was deployed immediately and fortunately power was restored within one hour.


‘When lightning strikes the circuit,  the line protection detects a fault and to prevent from damaging the line, the circuit is isolated and supply is cut off temporarily’, said a Sarawak Energy spokesperson. 


Kapit consumers have also experienced several interruptions in the last few weeks as a result of the commissioning and testing of the newly constructed 132kV substation. Temporary shutdowns of Kapit distribution system on 18 September and 8 October were required in order to allow the connection of the Kapit distribution system to the State Grid before shutting down all the generators at Kapit power station.


Sarawak Energy places utmost importance on customer satisfaction and recognizes the importance of ensuring constant electricity supply by taking proactive steps in upgrading its facilities.