Faulty Transformer Identified as Cause of Kapit Blackout

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 12 June 2012 – SESCO deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to the residents of Kapit recently when there was a power outage.  Investigations and repair work were carried out immediately to ensure that the residents in Kapit could enjoy restored electricity supply.

The investigations concluded that it was equipment failure in the form of a damaged transformer, resulting in the power outage.  Repair was done immediately by SESCO’s contractors.  They were met by some challenges in the form of rough terrain and unfavorable weather conditions.  Despite these factors, the contractors diligently carried out repair work and power was restored the next day.  

A log of the incident was taken and all related incidents are reviewed by SESCO to evaluate how SESCO can address concerns in regards to power supply and interruption.  SESCO assures that complaints are responded to diligently and there is a proper system in place to ensure that their valued clients do not have to endure long periods of blackouts.  

“Complaints from the public are a top priority for SESCO.  Despite systems in place to identify power outage problems, we also call upon the public to inform us immediately when they face any issue with their power supply.  They can call us at any of our service centres and we will respond to their concerns immediately.” said a SESCO spokesperson.