Disruption Of Electricity Supply In Lutong Area

Sarawak, Miri – Tuesday, 04th September 2012 - Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) deeply regrets the inconvenience and disruption caused to our customers in Lutong area, as a result of a contained explosion that occurred early this morning.

The small explosion occurred in Lutong 33/11kV substation, caused an outage at 5:19am today. Customers in Lutong, Pujut, Piasau, Desa Senadin, Jalan Lutong-Kuala Baram and surrounding areas were affected by the breakdown. This breakdown also affected the gas supply in Miri.

Technicians were deployed for immediate repair works, and supply was successfully restored within five hours, at 10:10am. It took quite some time to repair and clean the faulty equipment to ensure no subsequent faults would occur after energization. 

“Such faults in our system are rare. We are still investigating the cause of the fault,” said SESCO spokesperson.

The public is encouraged to continue contacting SESCO Miri office at 085-661111 to immediately report any breakdown of electricity supply within their area.