Dangerous Electricity Stealing Method Using “Nail” Detected At Semariang Residential

KUCHING, 9th July 2012 – SESCO conducted another meter inspection operation at Semariang housing estates recently after receiving public information on rampant power theft in these areas. A total of 60 technicians and auxiliary police were involved in the meter inspection. Police has also been alerted to provide necessary assistance in ensuring smooth operation. Out of the 745 meters inspected, 18% of them were found being tampered with. As this figure is alarmingly high, Sesco will continue its meter inspection operation at these areas regularly especially those houses with locked gate. Apart from power theft detection, the technicians will also check the condition of the meter wirings to ensure they are safe to use. 

In this meter inspection exercise, one house’s meter wiring system was caught being tampered with dangerous illegal direct connection wire. The illegal direct connection wire was found merely tied to a nail, and connected to Sesco’s incoming wire before the meter. This prohibited installation practice routes the electricity consumed by the house direct into customer’s electrical appliances without being registered by Sesco’s meter. This act is not only unlawful, but it is also extremely unsafe as the illegal installation via the nail is weak and will result in unstable voltage. In the long run, it will cause electric sparks due to arcing and may cause hazardous fire outbreak to the property. 

In some power theft cases, it is discovered that irresponsible and unethical culprits leave the core wires exposed after cutting the cable insulation. This is very dangerous, as the wire is bared and could easily cause electrocution to anybody who accidentally comes in contact with the bare wires.

In another related case in Sarikei, SESCO detected illegal direct tapping cable connected from Sesco’s incoming main wiring directly into the customer’s air-condition unit in the bedroom. The illicit direct connection was perilous because it is not protected by safety circuit breaker, therefore could easily cause fire and damage to the electrical appliances if there was lightning or high current surge. The illegal tapping was also badly done leaving cuts of exposed wires that are life threatening if unknowingly touched by the family members.

Sesco urges the public not to trust any illegal “service provider” or any person claiming to be representative from Sesco, offers to “save electricity” with a certain fee. Stealing electricity is a crime under section 33(5) of the Electricity Ordinance and punishable with a fine up to RM100,000 or imprisonment of five years or both. SESCO appreciates public’s cooperation in giving power theft information. The public can continue to inform SESCO of any incidence related to electricity theft via telephone number 082-443535. The Public can rest assured that all information given will be treated with confidentiality.

Nail is used to connect the illegal bypass wire

Photo showing cable being cut to do illegal tapping of electricity supply

Dangerous tampered wiring system to bypass the meter