Project Key Milestones

Diversion tunnels, river diversion and closure works at Baleh HEP were successfully completed in October 2020. The dual concrete-lined diversion tunnels measuring over a length of 1.2KM that serve to divert the flow of a river from its natural course are now fully functional.

Watch the video on river diversion and closure here.

1. Facilities & Services

Sarawak Energy has taken the initiative to ensure the continuous livelihood of the Baleh communities during river closure works. Among the facilities and services provided include:

2. Onsite Safety Measures

The river diversion and closure works for Baleh HEP commenced on 1 October 2020 and were successfully completed on 16 October 2020. The project team has taken the necessary measures to ensure safety warnings are properly communicated to river users through:

  • Safety Signages and Flags in Multiple Languages
    Safety signboards in multiple languages by the Sarawak Rivers Board and Sarawak Energy were installed to notify communities they are approaching the danger zone.

    • Flagmen and Security Personnel who are on duty 24/7 at the river diversion upstream and downstream areas.

    3. Stakeholder Engagement

    In preparation for river diversion and closure works, the Baleh HEP team engaged the government stakeholders and the surrounding communities from Long Singut, Ng Entalawan and Ng Antawau amongst others through various engagement and dialogue sessions. Stakeholders were briefed on the river diversion and closure activities, bypass facilities, safety measures for the river diversion and community sustainable development initiatives.